We’re pleased to announce HawkTracer 0.7.0 (Rabbit) release!


You can download the release from the GitHub page: https://github.com/amzn/hawktracer/releases/tag/v0.7.0


  • fix crash when pushing events of size bigger than timeline’s buffer
  • [api change] rename HT_EVENT_GET_CLASS to HT_EVENT_GET_KLASS
  • [api change] remove ht_timeline_listener_container_unref() from public API
  • fix data race when referencing/dereferencing timeline container object
  • enable code coverage reporting on CI
  • add feature for tracking heap allocations
  • support informations attached to tracepoints for Chrome Trace converter
  • remove C++ dependency for the HawkTracer core library
  • add amalgamation script for generating single source/header HawkTracer files
  • improvements in the installation process (thanks J. Kim and Alexandru!)
  • support reading big-endian data on little-endian platform (and vice versa)
  • many other tiny bug fixes and minor improvements


This releaes couldn’t be made without our awesome contributors. Many thanks!