We’re pleased to announce HawkTracer 0.10.0 (Squirrel) release!


You can download the release from the GitHub page: https://github.com/amzn/hawktracer/releases/tag/v0.10.0


  • fix amalgamation process for non POSIX.utf-8 locale (#65)
  • restore Python binding tests
  • simplify and document timeline features
  • allow using dynamic strings as labels for tracepoints in C language (C++ already had that feature)
  • fix memory leak on uninitializing HawkTracer library
  • implement automatic memory management for listeners (so the listener object no longer needs to be manually destroyed)
  • simplify FileDump and TCP listener’s API (introduce one function to create listener and register it to a timeline)
  • introduce new, polished tracepoint macros
  • add more benchmark tests
  • minor bugfixes and documentation improvements
  • deprecate:
    • ht_timeline_register_listener: ht_timeline_register_listener_full should be used instead
    • ht_timeline_unregister_all_listeners: HawkTracer no longer allows unregistering listeners. Instead, user should call _stop() methods on the listener object


This releaes couldn’t be made without our awesome contributors. Many thanks!