HawkTracer  0.10.0
Build and Install

Downloading source code

Source code is hosted on GitHub servers. To download the code, just run following command:

git clone https://github.com/amzn/hawktracer.git

You can also download a tarball for a specific release. All the available releases and their tarballs can be found on the release page.


HawkTracer uses CMake for managing the build process. To configure the project and compile it, run following code in the source code directory:

mkdir build # create build directory
cd build # change current directory to 'build'
cmake .. # configure the project
cmake --build . # compile the project

It'll configure the project and builds HawkTracer libraries.

Please note that HawkTracer provides many configuration options, e.g. in order to build static libraries, run:


You can access full list of configuration parameters with a description by executing following command in the build directory:

cmake -LH

Installing the project

Run following command to install HawkTracer in your system (you have to build it before, see paragraph above):

cmake --build . --target install

By default, CMake installs HawkTracer to a default location, which is OS-specific (e.g. for most of Linux operating systems it is /usr/local). To change the install location, you have to specify CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX parameter when configuring the project, e.g.:

cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/mkolny/ht_install # other configuration parameters here...

After each re-configuration you usually have to re-compile and re-install the project.

Using HawkTracer with your project

See page Integrate HawkTracer to existing project for information about integrating HawkTracer to your projects.