HawkTracer  0.9.0
file_dump_listener.h File Reference

The listener creates a new file and stores all the incomming events in it. More...

#include <hawktracer/base_types.h>
#include <stdio.h>

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typedef typedefHT_DECLS_BEGIN struct _HT_FileDumpListener HT_FileDumpListener


HT_API HT_FileDumpListenerht_file_dump_listener_create (const char *filename, size_t buffer_size, HT_ErrorCode *out_err)
 Creates an instance of a file dump listener. More...
HT_API void ht_file_dump_listener_destroy (HT_FileDumpListener *listener)
 Destroys an instance of the listener. More...
HT_API void ht_file_dump_listener_callback (TEventPtr events, size_t size, HT_Boolean serialized, void *user_data)
 A listener callback. More...
HT_API HT_ErrorCode ht_file_dump_listener_flush (HT_FileDumpListener *listener, HT_Boolean flush_stream)
 Flushes internal listener buffer. More...

Detailed Description

The listener creates a new file and stores all the incomming events in it.

The listener can handle both serialized and unserialized event streams.

Typedef Documentation

◆ HT_FileDumpListener

typedef typedefHT_DECLS_BEGIN struct _HT_FileDumpListener HT_FileDumpListener

Function Documentation

◆ ht_file_dump_listener_callback()

HT_API void ht_file_dump_listener_callback ( TEventPtr  events,
size_t  size,
HT_Boolean  serialized,
void *  user_data 

A listener callback.

This callback should be used for the ht_timeline_register_listener() function.

◆ ht_file_dump_listener_create()

HT_API HT_FileDumpListener* ht_file_dump_listener_create ( const char *  filename,
size_t  buffer_size,
HT_ErrorCode out_err 

Creates an instance of a file dump listener.

Internal buffer can be disabled by setting buffer_size parameter to 0. However, the internal buffer must not be disabled if event stream is not serialized - this setting causes undefined behavior.

filenamea name of the file to store the data in.
buffer_sizea size of the internal buffer.
out_erra pointer to an error code variable where the error will be stored if the operation fails.
a pointer to a new instance of the listener.

◆ ht_file_dump_listener_destroy()

HT_API void ht_file_dump_listener_destroy ( HT_FileDumpListener listener)

Destroys an instance of the listener.

listenera pointer to the listener to be destroyed.

◆ ht_file_dump_listener_flush()

HT_API HT_ErrorCode ht_file_dump_listener_flush ( HT_FileDumpListener listener,
HT_Boolean  flush_stream 

Flushes internal listener buffer.

The listener is normally flushed when the internal buffer is full or when ht_file_dump_listener_destroy() is called. However, user might want to forcefully flush the data into a file if needed using this function.

listenera pointer to the listener.
flush_streamHT_TRUE if the function should also flush internal FILE buffer; if not, set to HT_FALSE
HT_ERR_OK if the operation completed successfully; otherwise, appropriate error code is returned. This function can potentially fail only if flush_stream parameter is set to HT_TRUE.