HawkTracer  0.10.0
HawkTracer Documentation

HawkTracer is a highly portable, low-overhead, configurable profiling tool built in Amazon Video for getting performance metrics from low-end devices.

HawkTracer is available on most popular platforms: Linux, Windows, OS X. The library can be used with C and C++.

The library provides many different types of events (e.g. CPU usage event, duration tracepoint), but the list can easily be extended by the user.


Core features

  • Multiplatform support: Linux, macOS, Windows
  • Low CPU and memory overhead
  • Easy integration with existing projects
  • Simple macros for code instrumentation
  • Streaming data over TCP/IP protocol or saving them to a file


Currently the only way to contact the community is to join the Gitter channel amzn/hawktracer.

For feature requests or bug reports, please use GitHub form.


All development on HawkTracer is done on the GitHub project. Instructions for contributing can be found on the Contributing Guidelines page.